Monday, 29 October 2012


Five hundred thousand women and their families world will be devastated by news from France today that 73yr old, criminal fraudster JC Mas has left detention and is released on Bail. TOXIC breast implants, manufactured by PIP as part of a massive international health fraud, earned the Mas, his associates and close family members huge financial benefits at the expense of the health of women from 65 countries.  When questioned by journalists on leaving jail, the thin and pathetic Mas responds to questions concerning his state of mind, saying “I am nothing”.  How is it possible that such an evil man, who founded his manufacturing plant with illegal funds, walk free from any jail?

How can this be JUSTICE?

Friday, 26 October 2012


"During the surgery, Mr Richards finds one PIP implant to be severely ruptured. It had been detected as a rupture, but it was split into three, with the silicone within physically falling out of the implant upon removal - making it one of the worst splits we have ever found in any of our PIP replacement patients.

The other implant had a small rupture, which would have steadily become worse had it not been replaced.

Mr Richards looks at the batch numbers of the PIPs and analyses them after the surgery, looking in depth at the rupture points of the implants"

Saturday, 20 October 2012

TOXIC Ticking Time Bombs

Close to you: PIP breast implant check-up

EuroparlTV goes to the doctors in the UK to analyse the fallout from the PIP breast implant scandal and to see how it is being followed up.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dramatic rise in PIP breast implant ruptures in Australia

According to a report 

  • From:
  • October 11, 2012 12:00AM

  • Huge rise in PIP breast implants rupturing in Aussie women
  • The numbers: More than 6000 Aussie women have PIP implants
  • "Systemic failure": Senator says ... medicines watchdog had PIP crisis

  • “THE number of breast implants rupturing has soared this year, fuelling urgent calls for a national register for women to log their surgeries.A staggering 429 breast implants produced by French company PIP, have ruptured between January and September this year, according to new figures from the medicines watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA.This number rose from just 37 recorded at the start of the year.In January, the TGA said it would not call for the more than 6000 Aussie women who have PIP implants to have them removed, despite the French Government recommending all French women have them taken out.At the time the TGA said they had received only 37 indications of rupture and this was “well within the expected rupture rate for silicone breast implants.”But independent Senator Nick Xenophon said the alarming new figures were proof the Government must take action.”

    Saturday, 6 October 2012

    The D.I.R.T. Committee by Gail Hamilton

    The story of silicone implants and their link to serious health issues is not new.  It began decades ago, when multi-national chemical, biotech and silicone manufacturers  first identified a market.
    THE D.I.R.T. COMMITTEE is the true story of one woman in the USA, but it could be the story of any woman who has silicone implants. Gail Hamilton’s story, from implant to illness and fight for survival, to investigation of incriminating documents, to settlement almost a decade earlier runs parallel to the PIP breast implant scandal. Get your copy here