Sunday, 29 July 2012


We know toxic PIP implants are making us sick! So we put a HEALTH SURVEY on our web page.  

If you have been affected by PIP implants please fill it in. We are NOT asking for any personal data, just more evidence!

We hope we are all going to be fine five and ten years on ... but we need to begin collecting data to be sure of the care and treatment we need NOW and may need in the FUTURE.  
It,s worth noting an American FDA safety update (August 2011) relies on studies of just 44 women with silicone breast implants ... so if we can get at least 44 women to respond ... we will have our own VALID safety data!! 

BIG thanx in advance!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Case Against Keogh

Friday 27 July 2012

PIP Action Campaigners submitted evidence to the Department of Health challenging the quality of the data and conclusions of the Keogh Expert Group Report published 18 June 2012.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

British women continue to suffer

World renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Randquist, of Victoriakliniken, Sweden, gives his view on the final report from the UK expert group, regarding PIP-implants. Speech given at the 35th Annual ASAPS Conference in Darwin, Australia, July 2012.

Monday, 23 July 2012

PIP Breast Implants - Give Evidence

Yesterday (23/7/2012) Pip Action Campaigners presented the Department of Health with its grave concerns over the Keogh Final Expert Group Report (18/6), which has a direct impact on the care and treatment of British Women.

We have been asked and we have agreed to submit evidence of our concerns to the Department of Health, in full, on Friday of this week.

This means that if YOU have concerns about the Keogh Report and you are a patient, Dr, healthcare professional or provider.  Now is the time to act.

We ask everyone in Britain, concerned about the intolerable situation women with PIP breast implants are forced to face, JOIN this action and address their concerns in an Open Letter to the Department of Health to arrive no later than 14:00hrs Friday 27th July 2012.

Friday, 20 July 2012


We have forced a Department Of Health meeting on Monday 23 July 2012 to challenge the veracity of the Keogh Expert Group Final Report, which we intend to prove to be incomplete and inadequate! 

We believe this is a genuinely important opportunity to raise very serious concerns with the Minister for Public Health Anne Milton, who has facilitated this meeting for us, and which we hope will the basis of URGENT changes to current policy.

This is a link to the document that is guiding our care and treatment.

WARNING: This document is hazardous to our health
Keogh Expert Group Final Report

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

One good French Lawyer...

French Avocat, Laurent Gaudon is, one of 180 Lawyers, making a case in France against Jean Claude Mas and the PIP company.

In March 2010, after twenty years of amassing a fortune by producing adulterated breast implants, Jean-Claude Mas was forced to close his company Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP). 

Released from Bail on Monday 29th Ocober 2012 pending trial in 2013, Mas made fraudulent claims about the qualities of the product, produced false advertising and endangered the lives of others.  Indicted on dozens of charges, ranging from poisoning, aggravated deception through tax evasion and abuse of social goods, Mas has managed to be declared insolvent, to hide and protect his fortune. He believes he can hide behind this supposed insolvency to avoid compensating his victims.

Some 4,600 victims are already involved in the class action, including British women.

For many women no legal help is available, in Britain the Government has deemed this a civil rather than criminal issue.  Mas was arrested by Interpol, there has been a police investigation in France where the legal process is already set in motion.  

We want JUSTICE... 

Details of the French Action, in English, can be found here:


Friday, 6 July 2012

Crimes Against Women

British PiP Victims have sustained a devastating blow, by the Keogh Expert Group Final Report published 18/06/2012.
We are horrified that this inadequate, pseudo-scientific document will be the basis of care and treatment in Britain.
We were at the Health Committee debate yesterday, and even though we have submitted complex documents including results of independent toxicological tests on explanted PiP implants as evidence, we believe our Government’s overriding concerns are costs not care.

We want Britain to be urgently brought into line with other European, US and International standards.
The role of the British Regulator the MHRA and the British Government urgently needs to be investigated.  We have already uncovered shocking inconsistencies in our own research, and we ask now that the British PiP Scandal be uncovered as the next horrifying chapter of this dreadful crime against women.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

PIP Parliamentary Debate 05 July 2012

As you already know, the Department of Health commissioned an Expert Group report and the All-Party Health Committee will debate its findings in a Parliamentary debate tomorrow, 5 July 2012.  

  • The 90-minute debate will take place in Westminster Hall - from 2.30 pm.
  • If you would like watch the debate you can do so from the public gallery, subject to space.  Come along at least an hour before the scheduled start of proceedings.
  • You can also contact your MP to ask them to arrange access for you.
  • Depending on the outcome of the debate, people who would like to peacefully protest can do so. We have notified the police.

We are calling on the Health Committee to press the British Government to come into line with other European Member states, such as Germany and France, and provide the victims of the British PiP Scandal the same standards of care, treatment and regulation!

For more info: Contact Louise Rose Smith

Join us:  We want JUSTICE for all women affected by the PIP scandal!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Continuing Calls to Dismiss Keogh Report

In March 2012 the all-party Health committee asked that : "All possible evidence, including patient-reported experiences, must be gathered and analysed in order to inform the policy response to this issue." 

Today, 02/07/12 the Health Committee published the findings from the webforum set up to collect evidence from PiP victims.  We are exceedingly grateful to all the women that contributed, but the fact remains the forum was only open for a month and fewer than 1% of the women affected by PiP Implants had even seen it before it was closed for comment. The Health Committee have published figures showing how many VIEWs the page had on 24 June 2012 a month after closure. Sadly, the information collected has not been included in the findings of the Keogh report (18/06/2012) which says: patient reported symptoms "not helpful" and that PiP implants not toxic, not harmful and not connected to cancer.

We have already made a strong challenge to the INTEGRITY and QUALITY of the science of the assumptions made and the data published by Keogh!

And we again call on the Health Committee to dismiss the final Keogh Expert Group Report as 'Irresponsible, incomplete and inadequate".

We are also doing what we can to collect patient testimonies on our Blog (see post below). 
If you haven,t already done so ... please join in!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

PiP Testimony