Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The PIP Implant scandal has had a devastating impact on as many as 400,000 women and their families worldwide.  
In Britain alone there are in excess of 47,000 victims.
On more than three occasions the Government has taken action to minimise the very serious concerns of those affected by publishing hasty and misleading reports about the dangers of PIP implants.
What's the real story?  Find out at PIPSLEAK 

Thursday, 13 September 2012


If you haven,t already completed an Incident Report for the MHRA about your PIP implants now is the time to do so! Anytime between now and the 18 September 2012 would be best.

This is currently the only way to make a report for the record and to show British Authorities how much and how many of us have been affected by fraudulent PIP implants.

Get your serial numbers out and report away ... do this for you and for all those who have been affected. ♥

Make your Incident Report Here:

Saturday, 8 September 2012

What Happens Now?

We recognise that as women are recovering, many are preparing to put this terrible scandal behind them and focus on the things that matter to them now that they feel better.

Work, family, friends may have had to take a back-seat for a while when we were undergoing surgery or in recovery. Now we are starting to feel better, it,s time to find the balance that suits us and our familes.

PIP free, is where we all aim to be in time - back to our happy selves - closing one of the most significant and traumatic chapters in our lives.

It,s really important that you stay in contact tho! Or at least make sure we have a way of reaching you.  We dont think all our health problems caused by PIP implants will be resolved through removal and now we know breast implants have limited life spans and future care and treatment is inevitable for most of us.  We dont believe the whole story has been unravelled yet so there may be a need to get in touch again, a little way down the line.

The most important reason for checking in from time to time is in support of the women who may still be waiting for treatment, or facing complications. Because we all know how hard that is.

Anxious Times for all women affected by PIP implants 

This data comes from a short survey involving 66 women with PIP Implants in Britain after the Expert Group Final Report published in June 2012.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane D4

Reprotoxic Category 2 Hazard statement H361f*** 
Suspected of damaging fertility.