Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Reporting Adverse Events Linked to Your Implants

Adverse event reporting is supposed to help the health & safety regulators identify potential problems. Not enough reports were being made all the time PIP were being used. In the UK the MHRA say they have been and will continue to monitor adverse event reports from PIP women. Most women have no idea they are able to report adverse events linked with their implants. But if we dont report our bleeds, ruptures, our lymph node surgeries and symptoms the MHRA and the government will continue to ignore us and our symptoms. 
If you have experienced an adverse effect you associate with your PIP implants, please report them and ask your GP and/or surgeon to do the same. 
Lets do it everyone! Report Yours!  ♡
♥ Together we can make a difference!
In the UK Report Yours to MHRA using this link
In France report adverse events to ANSM
In Australia report adverse events to TGA
In Germany report adverse events to Bfarm
In the USA report adverse events to FDA
In Sweden report adverse events to MPA
Please refer to your Medical Devices Regulatory authority if your country is not shown here.

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